Building a Business is Hard

I'm not going to lie
and Pretend it's easy

But that’s why I’m here: to use my experience with building
two successful soap companies from the ground up,
so I can help you build yours.

In celebration of Small Business Saturday, let’s make it even better:

Create Your Own Next Level Bundle

Mix and match and get 30% off until December 4th


To celebrate you and your biz this Small Business Saturday, it’s time to create your own journey and get the help you need. Choose from any of our offerings below and build the perfect biz boostin’ bundle for you. You’ll automatically get 30% off – the biggest discount we’ve ever offered.

If you have Courage to Conquer or Soapmaker to Moneymaker on your list, now is the time to get it! This sale is better than our normal Early Bird discounts and saves you a seat before the programs go live.

Need a payment plan? No worries! Choose Sezzle at checkout and get four interest free payments! Or choose Paypal and apply for Paypal Credit to finance your next level education.

Choose from any of these programs to build your bundle:

Resource Library


Imagine that every time you needed to learn something about running a soap business, you could snag the info you need instantly – no Google search, no listening to some rando in a Facebook group, and no seeking out the latest “pro” to throw together a website.

Need a new system for organizing batch records? Grab an editable template.

Wondering if you are ready to wholesale? We have a checklist.

Can’t find the answer to a tough question? Tag in the Modern Soapmaking team and get the help you need.

That’s the Resource Library membership in a nutshell: over 70 downloadable worksheets and templates, live video classes and Q&A sessions, and constant support from our Tribe (and us!)

You have a million questions when it comes to running your soap business… and we have the answers!

Courage to Conquer

Live Program

Are you running a business or spinning your wheels?

If you don’t know how much money you make, what products boost your bottom line, or how to run the business side of your business, we created this class for you.

Join us for six weeks of learning track and analyze the data that will empower you to make smart business choices in the new year (and more years to come!)

Has your business become your entire life? Take it back as you learn the create that elusive life/work balance, prioritize your efforts, and put meaningful action first.

(Starts in January 2020)


Soapmaker to Moneymaker

Live Program

Ready to turn your passion for soapmaking into a profitable soap company?

Want to be confident you are spending your time and money where it matters most?

In just eight weeks you’ll have a step-by-step road map to build your dream soap business from the ground up.

We’ll tackle regulations, finances, sales strategies, and so much more.

No more worrying about skipping steps or what you don’t know you don’t know. Let’s do this!

(Starts in March 2020)

Pricing for Profit

Self Study Guide

Cost x 2 = Wholesale x 2 = Retail = Profit, right?

Wrong! Sorry to burst your bubble, but that’s not how pricing works.

Long-term, sustainable pricing is the backbone of a successful soap company. And when you try to match other soapmakers, you get exactly where they are: nowhere.

With this guide and workbook in one, you’ll learn exactly how to price for profit based on your unique business, brand, and customer.

And, you won’t panic every time you see a price hike in raw materials (because you’ve planned for that).

Plus, you’ll learn how to handle pricing objections from customers (like “I could make that!”) and from yourself (yes, I’m talking to your inner fear monster).

Learn to stop selling yourself short with Pricing for Profit.

Brand Magic


Do you wish your products had their own cheering section? Because that’s what this workbook will do for you.

Is you target market women ages 20-60 who like natural products? Step back! (Because that’s every hobby soap company’s target market, hun.)

Chances are you aren’t making (enough) sales. And that’s because buyers don’t understand what your products will do for them or why they should care about your brand.

And until they do, your marketing efforts will keep failing.

The good news is that Brand Magic will help you get crystal clear on who you serve, why they should buy from you, and exactly what message will get them to do that…again and again.

Have questions? I've got answers:

Simply add the products and programs you want to snag to your cart and then checkout! The 30% off discount will be automatically applied – no crazy hoops to jump through!

The bundle offer ends on December 4th, 2019 at 11:59 PM Central. This is a once-in-a-year opportunity to score any of our game-changing offerings at a steal of a price. This is the only big sale we run every year, and it beats any other promotion (like the Early Bird discounts) that we offer hands-down.

Nope, sorry! This special offer is only available as is and is not able to be combined with any other offer, coupon, or discount.

Courage to Conquer will open for limited enrollment at full price the week before Christmas. And then it won’t be back again until winter 2020.

Courage to Conquer is a program that we do together every January. It starts on January 4th. You’ll receive email updates, so keep an eye on your inbox.

Soapmaker to Moneymaker will open for enrollment in the middle of February. Keep in mind that the registration fee will be higher in February. 😉 

Soapmaker to Moneymaker is a program we work through together to ensure you have support and advice in real time. The program kicks off on March 28th. You’ll get email updates, so keep your eyes on your inbox.

An itty bitty one! You are able to cancel or renew your subscription any time you like with a simple click of a button. You can even upgrade/downgrade between monthly and annual subscriptions, if you wish. That’s right, no calling during someone else’s business hours or waiting on an email cancellation process.