Your soap may have killer lather and a great scent, but potential customers will never know that unless your packaging sparks interest. And if you want your products on stockist shelves, top-notch labels are non-negotiable!

One of the most common questions we get at Modern Soapmaking is, “Where can I buy great labels and containers to make my products shine?” Well, we aren’t afraid to play favorites, so we are sharing our go-to suppliers with you.

Some suppliers have multiple locations across the globe or the United States. Others have single locations. Picking someone nearby may save you a bit on shipping costs, but keep in mind, that physical location doesn’t have to be a barrier to working with a top printer or supplier these days.

Soap & Cosmetic Packaging Suppliers

Professional Bath & Body Label Printers

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Where to find cosmetic containers

Packaging Suppliers and Professional Label Printers

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