Want to Build Your Own Successful soap Biz?

Wondering if free shipping is worth it? Or if you should run a sale this weekend? Find out how big of an impact that promotion will make on your bottom line!

This calculator will help you determine if a promotion is worth it for your business by comparing the normal sales and profit to the discounted sales and profit. If you need more help with your pricing, check out Pricing for Profit to wrangle your pricing for a profitable and sustainable biz!

Promotion Evaluation Calculator
Your normal product price should be the normal price a customer would receive. If this is a wholesale promotion, then you would use your wholesale price. If this is retail, then your retail price is needed.
Your product cost should include your ingredient and packaging cost, labor costs, and overhead.
Choose the promotion that best describes the promotion you are running.
If you are planning your promotion for a weekend, how many products do you normally sell during a weekend? If you have annual numbers to pull from, that's even better!

Promotion Evaluation Calculator

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