Want to Build Your Own Successful soap Biz?

Your pricing needs to have profit built in for your supplies, but also for your cost of doing business and your salary! No one works for free, right? Find out if your pricing will make that happen for you!

This calculator will help you figure out how many products you need to sell on a monthly basis, with your current pricing structure, to cover monthly expenses and start turning a profit. If you need more help with your pricing, check out Pricing for Profit to wrangle your pricing for a profitable and sustainable biz!

Turn a Profit Calculator
The retail price is the price you charge a consumer who directly purchases from you on your website or in-person, etc.
By default, the calculator will assume you wholesale with a keystone pricing structure. You may change it if you do not sell wholesale at this price.
Your product cost should include your ingredient and packaging cost, total labor cost, and overhead.
Your monthly expenses should include your salary as well as any monthly bills, such as website hosting, insurance/organization memberships, rent, utilities, advertising, etc.
Handful of $20 bills.

Profitability Calculator

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