Want to Build Your Own Successful soap Biz?

Not sure how different pricing formulas stack up? Want to see how your price compares? We got you!

This calculator shows you different methods of pricing your products as well as the wide range of pricing that pricing formulas can construct for a maker biz.

ItĀ utilizes five different pricing formulas that are often recommended as pricing adviceĀ for makers and shows the results from each formula, side-by-side, so you can compare them.

We don’t recommend using pricing formulas as the way to price your products but know that many soapmakers need to start at square one before they understand pricing properly. A good way to open your eyes to the wild variables in pricing is to compare what all these pricing formulas give you!

We encourage you to check your profit margin and margin blendĀ as well as other factors rather than using a pricing formula.Ā If you need more help with your pricing, check out Pricing for Profit to wrangle your pricing for a profitable and sustainable biz!

Pricing Comparison Calculator
Remember to include the cost of obtaining your ingredients, like shipping or time + gas for local pickup. If you make the product in batches, divide the batch material cost by the total of units the batch creates.
How long does it take you to make a batch of products? You likely make your products in batches, where you spend 2 to 3 hours preparing a batch. Remember to include tasks like prep work, measuring/weighing ingredients, cleaning up, etc.
How many products does a single batch create?
If you manage a solo operation, what is the hourly wage you wish to earn? If you plan to hire someone, what is the hourly wage you would pay someone to make your products from start to finish?

Please keep in mind thisĀ is a tool to compare common pricing formulas and is not meant to be a “how to price” calculator. As you can see from your results, pricing formulas range wildly!

For more information on pricing and what is all involved, read up on the real costs of handmade soap and how to raise your prices while delighting your customers.

Pricing Formulas Calculator

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