Soapmaker to Moneymaker


Go from Soapmaker to Moneymaker with this step by step live program to launch your soap business this spring.


Stop wasting money on an expensive hobby…

What you really want is a profitable and successful soap business, am I right?

No more excuses! Go from Soapmaker to Moneymaker without making the same mistakes as everyone else. You’ll know exactly where to start and what to do from someone who’s been there and done that.


“If only I could help support my family doing what I love – making awesome soap – I could quit my day job.”

“I’m TIRED of working so hard without anything to show for it. What the hell am I doing wrong?”

“Maybe my friends and family were wrong to encourage me…no matter what I do, I can’t get people to buy!”

You are not alone.

I’ve worked with hundreds of soapmakers who started their own businesses to share the handcrafted goodness, put food on their table, and build a life where they call the shots and make their own schedule.

And more often than not, they start their businesses off on the wrong foot: making costly mistakes, wasting time and money, and fumbling around until one day, years in the future, they either figure it out or call it quits.

Let me tell you, I was no different in my first go at the “start a soap business” rodeo either!

Oh so many years ago, I dug in to start my own soap business so I could stay home with my two kidlets and break free from relying on someone else for a paycheck.

Even though I knew better, I left my core philosophy (research, plan, test, market) in the dust!

I did what most folks do – try this, try that. A little website design here, a little craft show there. A whole lot of making soap and a bit of random marketing everywhere I could.

In the end, I figured it out… I worked my tail off to get my production processes as efficient as possible. I massaged the heck out of my branding and pricing.

Eventually, I started smashing sales goals and learned a heck of a lot about running a soap business profitably.

And then I called it quits… To start my second company, Gratitude Soapery, and do it right from the start.

Since then, I’ve coached hundreds of soapmakers through starting a biz of their very own, too.

And I gotta say, it’s so much easier when you know exactly what’s next on the list and exactly what NOT to do.

Here’s what life is like when you join us and go from Soapmaker to Moneymaker…

  • You have the step by step process to turn your passion into profit and FINALLY getting your soap business off the ground.
  • You know exactly what to do, how to do it, and have a plan to get it all done.
  • You have a strong business foundation that will ensure you’ll never be stumped by business basics.
  • You know how to efficiently create your products, price them for profit, and sell them to people who will be head over heels for them.
  • You make money every time you sell a bar of soap. No more scraping by or losing your ass.
  • You know where to sell your products using modern marketing methods that actually work for you, not against you.

When you join us in Soapmaker to Moneymaker, you’ll snag:

Streaming Videos

All the content is available in an easy to use online dashboard, ready for your consumption whenever you want. Even if it’s 2 am and you’re in your PJs with a glass of wine in hand.

Digital Worksheets

Every module is accompanied by digital and printable worksheets to help put the info to work. Print them out and go old school, or use your favorite PDF program to fill them out.

Nonstop Support

Miss a check-in? Can’t wait to get some feedback? Use our Support Group to get help from other students and me.

Weekly Action Plans

Every week, you’ll know exactly what to do to tackle the topics and get your biz-building superpowers on. You’ll find easy to follow plans to make sure you “do the work.”

Tried & True Tools

From suppliers to websites to mailing lists, we’re handing you our personal recommendations to make quick work of building a biz.

Hold up! I got questions…

And I’ve got answers, superstar. Let’s tackle them right now:

Q: When does Soapmaker to Moneymaker start?

Soapmaker to Moneymaker is an on-demand program that you can start any time you want.

When you enroll, we’ll send weekly email updates and reminders to help you stay on track. (So, make sure to keep tabs on your email!)

Q: How much time do I need to set aside to tackle Soapmaker to Moneymaker?

Each module will contain multiple video lessons and worksheets. We recommend setting aside about five to ten hours a week during this eight-week program. Keep in mind that we do have a catch-up week in the middle to help you out! Use that week to finish up previous lessons, worksheets, or action plans.

Q: How long do I have to work through Soapmaker to Moneymaker?

As long as you want! Every student in Soapmaker to Moneymaker lands lifetime access to the program, so you are welcome to revisit the content or rework certain modules as you wish.

Q: Will Soapmaker to Moneymaker make me a billionaire?

Well, obviously, I can’t guarantee that it will! The fact of the matter is that owning a successful soap business takes time and a lot of hard work. My goal with Soapmaker to Moneymaker is to give you the information, tools, and support to make the process of starting a soap business as easy as possible. What happens after that is completely up to you, but I have faith in you, superstar.

Q: I don’t want to take over the world with my soap empire, is this a good fit for me?

I’m all about helping you build the business you want and not the business other people think you should have. If your version of success is supplementing your family’s income on the side, then let’s get you there. If your dream is a soapy empire that sprawls the globe, Soapmaker to Moneymaker will give you the business foundation you need to see it through. No matter what your end game is, I’m here to help you see it through.

Q: I already started my business, can I still sign up?

Soapmaker to Moneymaker is meant for soapmakers who haven’t started a soap business yet or are in the beginning phases. We really set the tone for business success by starting fresh. If you are a couple of years into your business and have realized that you need to get back to basics, then Soapmaker to Moneymaker will give you a “do-over” and help you get there. But if you just need to make a few tweaks, this program is the wrong jam for you. The Resource Library might be more your speed.

Q: I don’t make soap. I make candles/wax melts/perfume/skincare/whatever, will this help me?

Heck yes, it will. Soapmaker to Moneymaker focuses on starting a business making soap, cosmetics, and home fragrance products. We don’t generically teach “makers” or “creatives” or other nonsense you’ve seen. We like our tribe and stick to it. So, if you make jewelry or t-shirts or bumper stickers, this program isn’t for you.

Q: I don’t how to make soap yet, but I want to start a business selling it. Will this program teach me how?

No, sorry. Soapmaker to Moneymaker focuses on teaching you how to start a business, not how to make soap. We expect that you know how to make the products you want to sell, but if you don’t, we’d be happy to direct you to resources to learn. We do, however, tackle how to scale your production from itty bitty batches that lose money to big-time batches of product that cut down on labor costs.

Q: I’m not in the United States, will this still work for me?

If you don’t need help navigating the rules and regulations in your country, then yes, everything else will help you get set up for success. Chances are we can direct you to resources specific to your country, but we can’t guarantee it. Obviously, the module on registering your business, getting insurance, and following regulations won’t apply to you. We are also unable to ship Smart Start boxes to international addresses due to customs and import laws. If you’re okay with that, we’re happy to have you.

Q: I’m starting a biz with my spouse/friend/dog, do we need to buy multiple seats?

Unfortunately, certain features require a unique login to access, so we do require every individual student to register for the class. However, please contact us as we will make special arrangements for additional students belonging to the same company.

Q: I can’t do this right now, when will Soapmaker to Moneymaker happen again?

If this sounds like the perfect fit for you, we really encourage you to make it happen! Don’t waffle on deciding whether or not you are going to make starting a soap business super easy with our help!

Q: Is there a payment plan?

Yes, there sure is! You can choose a couple of different options at checkout:

  • Choose Sezzle to snag 4 interest-free payments through their service.
  • Choose PayPal and apply for PayPal Credit or Bill Me Later to snag a payment plan.

**PayPal Credit and Bill Me Later are features and plans facilitated by PayPal for U.S. residents. We have no liability, control or authority over them.

Q: This sounds too hard, can you do it for me?

I wish I could, but that’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.


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