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For years, our tribe has been asking how on Earth I manage everything I do. And my answer is always the same – efficiency, productivity hacks, and accepting that you can’t do everything.

One of those productivity hacks in the use of two practices: the Daily Top Three and the Priorities Matrix.

Every day, I use my My Top Three Productivity Tracker to decide on three priorities or tasks for the day, whether they are big or small. If needed, I break those three priorities into sub-tasks and then decide a target amount of time that each should take me. Then I list any important appointments or scheduled items to the right. Throughout the day, I track how long tasks actually take me and keep notes on the daily paper. It helps keep me organized and on-task when it can be oh-so-difficult to be your own boss.

When I get stuck or overwhelmed, I turn to the My Priorities Eisenhower Matrix. I sit down with everything jumbled in my head and slowly sort tasks into categories based on urgency and importance. When I’m done, I have a clear course of action to tackle and a clear frame of mind!

Each notepad was designed to best utilize the space requirements of each methodology while being flexible enough for the different approaches other business owners might have!

If you’ve been struggling to get your mind straight and your focus on point, these notepads were made for you.

Just The Facts

  • Exclusive Modern Soapmaking design
  • High-quality full-color ink
  • 70 lb. opaque smooth white paper
  • 50 pages per notepad
  • Sturdy chipboard backing
  • Professionally printed and gum bound
  • Shipped via USPS

Additional information

Weight 13.5 oz
Dimensions 8.5 × 5.5 × 1 in

Top Three, Priorities Matrix, Notepad Bundle, Digital File


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