Pricing for Profit

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Over 70 pages of detailed information about pricing your handmade soap, bath and body, cosmetics, and skincare products for sale – whether you are just starting out, or are losing out on profits now.


Are you tired of guessing what your prices should be? Did you know you have more than just your costs to consider? Are you desperately needing guidance on how to make your business dreams a reality with the profit to match?

Pricing for Profit is a self-study digital workbook that lays out¬†everything you need to know to price your handmade soap and cosmetics effectively, sustainably, and with stability. Plus, it doesn’t shy away from talking about how to handle pricing objections from customers (like “I could make that!”) and from yourself (yes, I’m talking to your inner fear monster.)

By the time you whip through every page of Pricing for Profit, you’ll have a handle on how to set¬†your prices for a multitude of situations and how¬†you can hike your prices, if you are already in biz… losing out on hard-earned cashola.

What’s inside?

Pricing for Profit¬†is a 70+ page workbook, stuffed¬†full of everything you never thought you’d know about¬†product pricing, including:

  • why it’s ever so important that you price for profit as soon as possible
  • how to calculate a full on cost of goods that includes every little thing, from the tiniest drop of oil to the last paper towel
  • what wages and overhead really look like on paper
  • how the market and other factors influence your pricing and what you can do about it
  • the different pricing structures you need to set up now, before it’s too late and you sell yourself short
  • a slew of pricing formulas stripped down, torn apart, and assessed for usage in the handmade soap¬†industry
  • strategies¬†to help you stop drinking the soapmaker kool-aid and start pioneering with pricing
  • three different ways to test drive your pricing before¬†setting it in stone
  • how to raise your prices without fainting or anxiety attacks
  • how to handle objections to your beautiful new prices, if they ever even come up

Pricing for Profit also includes access to nifty resources, like worksheets, references, and calculators.

Easy Online Access Pricing Calculators

Thorough Worksheets & Resources

  • Cost of Goods Sold Worksheet
  • Fixed Expenses Worksheet
  • Competition & Market Analysis Worksheet
  • Income Clarity Worksheet
  • Calculating a Real Price for Profit Worksheet
  • Quick Calculations to Mimic the Calculators on Paper

What are people saying?

I learned a ton in just the first few pages and I know this guide would help any seller; from seasoned to beginner. I think it’s well written and very easy to read and understand.” – Julie B.

Thank you for writing this, I¬†really needed it. I am definitely underselling myself. I can’t wait for the worksheets so I¬†can get the math done and try out my new prices at my next event in 2 weeks!” – Jessie H.

I just finished reading (…) wow, it’s awesome. I thought that I had a hold on my pricing finally, but after reading the book, I need to hunker down and look over some more things.¬†You gave the most thorough explanations I’ve come across when it comes to pricing. The breakdowns of each topic were great – not watered down at all. One can tell that you’ve put a lot of time into the book.” – Patrice J.

How do I snag my digital workbook?

This digital workbook is formatted as a PDF, so you can read it on any PDF reading software such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.

After ordering, you will receive an email receipt containing an exclusive download link to snag the workbook. You will also be able to locate the download link in Your Account Dashboard.

5 reviews for Pricing for Profit

  1. Victoria (verified owner)

    By far my favourite how to price your soap ebook I’ve read! With Kenna’s personality, passion and enthusiasm + her experience, reading and understanding this ebook was a breeze (and fun actually). I seriously recommend this one for all soapy businesses that are unsure on their pricing structure, or those just starting out. Kenna also gives you a pep talk on how amazing you and your skills are and that you must not undervalue your work. I thought this ebook was positive, informative and made me want to take action.

  2. lwicklein (verified owner)

    I found tons of tools available out there to help me figure out how to price my soaps. From spreadsheets, to software, to simple calculators, to paid membership sites. But none were as detailed in describing every step needing to be considered to correctly price my products. Even my $100 software couldn’t explain to me how it calculated my prices. So, I purchased this workbook.

    Not knowing it’s true value in advance, but by trusting the experiences I’ve had with Modern Soapmaking blog content in the past, I took a chance on this workbook and I was blown away by the shear mass of explanations, tools, and references covering every single pricing scenario.

    I especially loved the chapter covering “Raising your Prices (Paralyzation-Free)” as I think we all can relate to the self-talk of “are my products worth increasing prices for?”. What really got through to me in this chapter was timing the price increases in coordination with any other changes in my products, as well as getting an absolutely CLEAR picture of my current income off my products FIRST. Getting crystal clear on the real value of my business is crucial *before* putting an increased price tag on my products. And what spoke to me the most in this chapter is the fact that I can provide more perceived value on a current product with (for example) improved packaging and helpful side materials for the customer to enjoy before changing a soap recipe and raising my prices.
    That is not a subject, or advice, that you will see in many other “how-to’s” on pricing your products, but one that Kenna describes succinctly. A completely MUST-READ chapter!

    I absolutely LOVED another chapter on “Overcoming Pricing Objections” as Kenna covered the most common excuses known to-date about what we tell ourselves to what we hear (or think we’ll hear) from customers. I heard my self-talk in it, and I’m pretty sure you will too.

    Whether you are just starting out in business or you’ve been running your business for a while and coming up short, if you are (still) struggling to value-price your products, if you are considering making a shift in your soap recipe(s) for your customers, if you are unsure whether you are breaking even in your sales, or all the above, YOU NEED this workbook!

    The absolute ONLY way you will get through this ebook in one, single session is if you speed-read the content and never put it to work. This workbook is worth far more than it’s price tag. Do your income and your business a favor and make the investment to take yourself and your business to the next level.

  3. Sabrina (verified owner)

    I had so many questions about pricing before reading this book. Judging by all of the questions posted in my soap group in just the last week, many other sellers do as well. Aspiring small business owners have reservations around properly valuating their soap products. Kendra’s book will convince you of why you can and SHOULD price your soap creations appropriately, even if the price to make a profit might seem high. Thank you, Kendra, for reminding us that our craft and product are valuable.

    I would recommend this book to soap makers and any maker, really. All of the same principles apply.

  4. (verified owner)

    This workbook is AWSOME, just regret why I hesitated so much before being it. It took me only 5 hours to finish it and gave me confidence and a new perspective in my pricing strategies. The explanations are clear, not intimidating at all and right to the point. If you really want to make a real investment for your business? buy this.

  5. zara (verified owner)

    The eBook provides an in-depth look into the pricing of handmade soaps that can be readily applied to any product price model. I love how Kenna constantly bucks you up and provides that much needed motivation to give yourself due credit. That certainly puts things in perspective.

    However, being based in Pakistan, I do not think the findings are 100% applicable. The market, the consumer mindset, purchasing power and various other dynamics are vastly different than the US or Europe. So, while I understand the perspective of the author and respect it, sadly doesn’t resonate with me whilst running operations in Pakistan.

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