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Exclusive workbooks, templates, guides, and frameworks for soap and cosmetic business owners at a small biz friendly price.


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(previously known as the Resource Library)

Imagine that every time you needed to learn something about running a soap business, you could snag the info you need instantly – no Google search, no listening to some rando in a Facebook group, and no seeking out the latest “pro” to throw together a website.

Need a new system for organizing batch records? Grab an editable template.

Wondering if you are ready to wholesale? We have a checklist.

Can’t find the answer to a tough question? Tag in the Modern Soapmaking team and get the help you need.

That’s the Next Level Tribe membership in a nutshell: over 70 downloadable worksheets and templates, live video classes, and Q&A sessions, and constant support from our Tribe (and us!)

You have a million questions when it comes to running your soap business… and we have the answers!

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What’s inside?

Our ever-growing online collection of recorded classes, worksheets, guides, templates, and live support to help you every step of the way:

  • Video classes that focus on a specific topic and aim to give you an in-depth education
  • Step by step worksheets and guidebooks to make sense out of what you learn
  • Cheatsheets and blueprints to help you start a biz, make money and market your products
  • Graphic design and print design templates for business owners
  • Frameworks and templates for all kinds of systems, techniques, and tasks
  • Archived content that is no longer available on Modern Soapmaking

Most of the resources in the library are PDFs, which you can print and fill out by hand or open in a PDF reader and fill out on your computer. Some of the resources in the library are editable templates and may require Microsoft Word, Canva, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or Adobe InDesign. Others still are videos tutorials, workshops, and classes that can be viewed easily on our website when you are logged in and online.

Plus, we host monthly group coaching calls to help you level up your biz, give you extra advice, and answer your questions.

Joining us in the Next Level Tribe is the natural next step up from reading our free articles and emails, and will help you boost your business to new levels.

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Oh, wait, there are bonuses!

Members also snag access to a super-secret Facebook group to get their questions answered, get help with the resources in the library and request new resources. (Yup, I plan out new resources based on member requests!)

Plus, members also snag a 25% discount on all other Modern Soapmaking programs and products during their subscription period. (Use your discount on one of our ebooks or even one of our intensive annual programs!)

And every month, we host live coaching calls for our memberships to get answers to their questions and learn even more!


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Got a question?

How big of a commitment is this?

An itty bitty one! You are able to cancel or renew your subscription any time you like, or even upgrade/downgrade between monthly and annual subscriptions as you wish.

Is monthly the only option?

Nope! In fact, the Next Level Tribe is offered as a monthly subscription ($47), a bi-annual subscription ($235), or an annual subscription ($470). The annual subscription gives you two months free, so it’s worth it if you love it!

Can I request a specific resource?

Yes, please do! Our roadmap for new resources is heavily influenced by requests from the community and existing subscribers get priority. If you have a resource you’d love to see, let us know!

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8 reviews for Next Level Tribe

  1. hello3 (verified owner)

    LOVE LOVE LOVE everything that Kenna does. The resource library is full of bite-size, on point tips, worksheets and info. Can’t wait to dive deep into the resource library. Thanks, Kenna!

    • Stephanie

      Awww…Thanks, Natalie!

  2. Linda (verified owner)

    Very much enjoy the resource Library,. Kenna gives useful info.

    • Stephanie

      So glad it’s been helpful to you, Linda!

  3. Janene Lasswell, Ja Nene Natural Body Products (verified owner)

    As always, getting to learn from Kenna is paying off dividends. I handed off the Resource Library to the new marketing and sales hire and she’s so excited to work in a professional framework. FIVE STARS and TWO THUMBS UP. Thanks Kenna.

    • Stephanie

      That’s wonderful, Janene! (And thumbs up for outsourcing where you need to!) We’ve been planning content for the next few months, and it is only going to get better.

  4. lana.sajaja (verified owner)

    Love everything I’m learning, I would like to see more videos since I’m a visual learner. But over all very easy to follow instructions thank you Kenna for sharing your experiences with us.

    • Stephanie

      Thanks so much, Lana! I think you will enjoy all of the upcoming interactive video content we have planned. Hope you can join us today for the first Monthly Method session!

  5. lisa.melli.gillespie (verified owner)

    Haven’t had a chance to do a deep dive into the resources yet (only been a member for a week or two) but looks very thorough. Really enjoyed Saturday’s live call and hope to hear the replay (as I wasn’t here for some of it) – very useful to be reminded on how to have an effective website.

    • Stephanie

      So glad Saturday’s webinar was helpful! We are excited about adding live content to the Resource Library offerings. And we will get the recording up ASAP for folks who missed out and for reference for the rest of our tribe.

  6. fivelamberts (verified owner)

    Great content, I have found everything very helpful as I plan my business. I’m taking it slowly and learning as much as possible before I jump in and appreciate all the info. I would love to see more how-to videos and suggestions on formulating great master batch recipes. I have been testing many recipes for my masterbatch that are adaptable and would love more input/suggestions in that area.

    • Stephanie

      So glad you are finding everything you need so far. Thank you for taking the time to leave a review.

      We are working to include more video content with our Monthly Method series, so make sure you answer our poll as to what topics would be the most helpful for you.

      We also have a forum topic for specific resource requests. We’d love to have you pop in there and tell us more about how we can help guide you toward the perfect master match recipes!

  7. meaghan.nanson (verified owner)

    Kenna, you’re an inspiring businessperson and these resources are super helpful! I feel very fortunate to have stumbled across your site right as I was starting my own business journey, and I have such confidence in your ability to teach me something that I’m signing up for your class. This resource library is fantastic and it was worth every penny to have access to the content for a month. Unfortunately, I’m not sure I’m clear on the incentive to continue subscribing every month at the same rate as the first month. Based on the dates of the resources that were in there, it seems that only one or two new resources are created per month, but I can’t tell. My primary interest in signing up was the resource library and not the member discount or the Monthly Method sessions, so I can’t justify the cost of resubscribing at this time, but I’m sure I’ll pop back in six months for a refresh. Having access to all the previous content all at once means I got to “binge” on it and theoretically could do that again in the future if I want to catch up. I’m not criticizing or trying to sound like a cheapo; I’m just budget-sensitive and thought this feedback might help you out if recurring member subscriptions are even a thing you’re focused on. Other than that, keep up the great work!

    • Stephanie

      Hey, Meaghan,
      So glad you enjoyed your month in the Resource Library! Yep, we make it easy to come and go as you please, but you will definitely miss out on some perks by popping in and out:
      -Although you aren’t interested in the Monthly Method sessions, they offer the perks of reviewing aspects of real-life businesses (websites, newsletters, etc.), being able to submit your own business for those reviews, participating in live Q&A, and access to those recordings (which can’t be downloaded).
      -Current members shape future content. If you need help to create an email funnel to educate new stockists on promoting your brand, for example, we can create a script and how-to for that. But, if you suggest it one month and are gone the next, you won’t get the benefit of that resource.
      -Our goal is to add 2 to 4 in-depth resources monthly. Sometimes there are fewer. Last month, there were a whopping 9. The constant flow of new resources is worth it for most people who are actively building their biz. They don’t want to wait 6 months for the info they need to improve their biz now.
      -Current members get first dibs on Kenna’s and my attention via the Hideaway Community Forum when problems come up and they need quick answers.
      -As long as you maintain your subscription, the monthly price you sign up at is yours for life. So, if you come back next year and there is a higher price, that’s what you pay.

      And none of those things may be worth it to you, and that’s a-ok. Before we started the Resource Library, the type of resources we provide in it sold for $15 to close to $100 each. So, it’s nice to be able to offer new content consistently for a price that’s affordable even for beginners. And it’s awesome to have the support our tribe to do that. If we didn’t have folks maintaining membership from month to month, we wouldn’t have the cash to make the resources we do.

      I’m totally budget sensitive too, but Kenna has never once flinched when I needed 10+ hours to create a single resource, and that’s why they are so dang good!

      I hope that gives you a little background, Meaghan. Looking forward to seeing you in class. It’s going to be spectacular!

  8. ginacampos2016

    I’m fairly new at soap making and stumbled into Keena’s site. I’ve been reading the free articles and they are so darn good. I will be signing up for Resource Library soon. I just want to say that if there ever is a University for Soapmaking Entrepreneurs, it’s right here on this website. And Keena will make us graduate with PhDs!

    • Stephanie

      Hey, Gina!

      Thanks for the praise, hun. We will be happy to welcome you to the Resource Library. <3

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