Efficiency in Scaling

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The best guide for taking your soapmaking to a larger than life level with all the details you need to masterbatch your oils and lye solution, hailed by hobbyists and biz owners alike.


Start masterbatching your oils and lye solution with everything you need to know!

This is the original resource to be published for the soapmaking community that doesn’t just tell you how to masterbatch, but what issues might occur when scaling, what safety practices you should be using, and so much more.

Efficiency in Scaling is 34 pages of useful information for the soapmaker considering scaling their production and batching their oils and/or lye solution, including:

  • The Benefits of Masterbatching – How batching soapmaking oils and lye solution can benefit every soapmaker
  • Prerequisites of Masterbatching – What you need to know, do, and have before you start
  • The Three Limitations – Common limitations encountered by soapmakers including design, formulas, and physical limitations
  • Overcoming Limitations – Possible solutions to common limitations
  • Batching Oils – Procedures, equipment, safety information, tips and tricks
  • Batching Lye Solution – Procedures, equipment, safety information, tips and tricks
  • Batching Other Ingredients in Soapmaking – Fragrances, essential oils, colorants, and additives
  • Compilation of Resource Links – Suppliers, lye calculators, DIY equipment, videos, and more

How do I snag my eBook?

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7 reviews for Efficiency in Scaling

  1. Robert (verified owner)

    Excellent walk through for going big time using batching. Well worth the cost; I’m going to be implementing some of these techniques immediately! Enjoy!

  2. skipit5353@aol.com (verified owner)

    Excellent book. I ordered the e-book and read the entire book right away. I will be master batching this week…..thanks so much for some great tips!
    Janet Schreiner

  3. Nancy (verified owner)

    With the detailed instructions from his book I was able to successfully masterbatch my soaping oils, lye and even colorants. When I had a question, Kenna responded to my email promptly with helpful advice. Just the section on how to safely handle spills made it worth the price of this book.

  4. Jenn Broda

    This book is amazing! There is so much useful information contained inside that makes it worth more than the reasonable price tag. With the help of this book I have successfully been able to masterbatch my soaping oils allowing me to be much more productive. I haven’t tried masterbatching my lye yet but when I feel ready this book will lead me through that as well. Thanks for such a wonderful ebook!

  5. Victoria (verified owner)

    I highly recommend this ebook for soapmakers in business who are either looking to masterbatch for the first time, or are having trouble with masterbatching. With Kenna’s easy to follow instructions you will be masterbatching in no time, and ultimately saving time so you can focus on other areas of your business or life.

  6. Nadeen Sivic (verified owner)

    You think you are organised, and probably won’t need to masterbatch, until one day your soaps sell sell sell and you go from making 10 x 2kg batches to 10 x 10kg batches………..and beyond! Then you realise just how DISorganised you are and also, most importantly, that like anything hand made how high the cost of labour is!! 2 hours to make 2kg of soap don’t maketh a business! Even though I am super organised as an ex IT project Manager, I didnt know from soap right….and boy was I glad I did. This ebook is a MUST HAVE if you want to get efficient at churning out soap en masse for less money. You may think ‘oh it’s ok, I love making soap, I don’t mind about the time’…..but when you have customers waiting, a kid to feed, the house to clean, the car to get serviced, your mother to call, the cable man waiting and your highlights to get done – trust me, you will mind. This book will make the difference between efficient productivity and hot flustered mess. 😀

  7. Tais

    Awesome book! I am still a hobbyist but with big plans for my soap making and Kenna’s book just shows you the way. Before that, I was envisioning something completely different for my future business… which means: a lot of time measuring ingredient by ingredient in every single batch of soap! Thanks so much for this book! Highly recommend it!!

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