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Tutorial: Pouring Essential Oils (and Other Liquids) Without Spilling a Drop!

Simple Tools for Simple TasksYou know how it goes, you invest a ton of money into all kinds of fragrance oils and essential oils and are so excited to play. But the tricky part is pouring the essential oil or fragrance oil from a completely full bottle without spilling!

There is NOTHING more disappointing then opening that pristine bottle of essential oil that cost an arm and a leg (or maybe it didn’t!), and losing a bunch of it dribbling down the side of the bottle as you try to pour it.

The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread: A Trick for Pouring Essential Oils (and other liquids!)

In comes the best soap making trick I have ever learned, and all you need is a skewer, stirring stick, chopstick, or any other long pointy object. (Well, almost any…) I’ve even used a pencil in a pinch, works great!

Pouring Essential Oils without SpillingGrab that brandย spanking new bottle of essential oil (this yummy bottle of Litsea Cubeba came from Bramble Berry), and lay the skewer across the top of the bottle. Now, pour!

If you’re slick, you can do this one handed, but there’s no shame in holding the skewer with one hand and the bottle of essential oil with the other. The last thing you want to do while savoring every drop is to drop the whole bottle!

Be careful not to place your hand in the path of the essential oil (in this picture, my finger is a little further down the skewer than it should be.)

When you begin to pour, the essential oil will grab onto the skewer and travel down it’s surface rather than dribbling down the side of the bottle. Go on, now. Try it.

Pretty nifty, right? I thought so, too!

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20 Responses

  1. Great tip but I can’t see the pictures. To try it out I’d appreciate a visual – before I waste oils. Any chance of sending me the jpeg image by email please? Thanks!

  2. I just thought I would check with you……I still can’t see the pictures, and I am terrible at visualizing and would love to see what you are describing! Any chance of a new picture? TY!

  3. Great tip but if the stick is made of wood and porous will it not soak up some of the oil therefore losing some anyways? Also, you would need a fresh stick for each oil to avoid contamination would you not?

  4. M’Lady, you are the MAN.

    Tried it with a toothpick and it picked up all the oil that I had spilt before learning of you tip. (Okay, I made up that last part.)

    Amazing tip. Who doesn’t have toothpicks about?

  5. Single BEST advice I’ve seen so far…Kudos to you, thnx so much…
    I used a dropper today and i was able to pour oils DIRECTLY into a 1 oz bottle

  6. In chemistry labs this technique is known as “decanting”, great tip. Also very useful for separating suspensions after letting the particles settle. Since the flow of liquid is slower and smoother than usual anything that settled out will stay on the bottom of the jar.

  7. Don’t know why I hadn’t thought of doing this. Just today I spilled more FO (which was thankfully not too expensive) on the kitchen scale than what actually made it into my body butter.

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