Find Out How Sweat (and Sex) Inspired a Successful Soap Biz

What happens when your sweaty ass boyfriend comes home from jiu-jitsu and wants to get it on? If you’re like most women, you make that stinky man hop in the shower before laying a finger on you. But you’re not. You’re a soapmaker. And so is Carina, the badass brains behind today’s Soapmaker to Moneymaker […]

Are You in the Know on Cosmetic Regulations Reform? (USA)

Stay up to date on cosmetics legislation and regulation reform

It can be difficult to keep track of what is going on with legislation and regulations on top of the everyday business you already need to look after. More often than not, small biz owners are too busy running their own businesses to know what is happening in Washington D.C. – and who can blame […]

Helping Soapmakers Affected by Harvey

Hurricane Harvey via NASA

Hurricane Harvey made landfall last Friday, and set records for the amount of rainfall in southeast Texas and southern Louisiana. If you missed it, here’s a brief summary of what has happened. And here’s drone footage of just some of the flooding in Houston:   Many people are still stranded, aren’t able to reach shelters, […]

Announcing the New Owner of Gratitude Soapery (2017)

The last time I made this announcement, I never thought I would be doing it again! After three fabulous years of managing Gratitude Soapery, Preston & Tyler have decided to move their lives forward in a new direction, which allowed us to host a second Give Gratitude campaign to find a new owner! We received […]

Announcing the Finalists for the second Give Gratitude Campaign!

Gratitude Soapery's line of cheerful but simple soaps with a purpose.

In 2014, I turned my full attention to Modern Soapmaking and¬†placed my soap company, Gratitude Soapery, in the hands of¬†Preston and Tyler, the winners of the first Give Gratitude campaign.¬†After operating and growing Gratitude Soapery for three years, the guys have decided to follow new and exciting paths in their lives.¬†That meant Gratitude Soapery needed […]

Welcoming a New Addition to Modern Soapmaking: Meet Stephanie

Back in March, I put out the call for applications for the perfect Community Coordinator to join the Modern Soapmaking team. This was a unique position in that the person needed advanced soapmaking expertise so that they could help field soapmaking questions. Also, they needed to be super organized and customer service oriented so that […]

Essential Oil Calculator Product Categories Explained (+ Updates)

Place a drop of each essential oil on it's corresponding fragrance strip.

It’s been about a month and a half since the launch of the essential oil calculator,which means it’s time for an update! Essential Oil Calculator Updates (December 2016) Changes & Updates Fixed a typo causing¬†Anise (Star)‘s methyl chavicol amount to always be over IFRA limits New Additions Anise n’ Mint¬†– anise and peppermint blend submitted¬†by¬†Eulandria […]

Giveaway: Getting Ready for an Awesome New Year!

My personal favorite: a bullet journal and emergent task planner pad.

For the last two years, I’ve rounded up my favorite planners and goal setting tools. Last year, I dished on my favorite planners for small biz owners right over here.¬†And in 2015, I dished on how to use a planner to get your schedule straight. This year, my shortlist of favorite planners drops down to […]

Announcing the 2nd Annual Secret Soaper Book Exchange! (2016)

It’s that time of year again! Last year, we held the first Secret Soaper Exchange, where over 100 soapmakers from around the world shared their favorite biz books in a gift exchange. This year, we’re opening it up to all soapmakers, regardless of whether they own a biz and using a third party service to […]