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Tutorial: Three Color Modified Mantra Swirl Soap

The mantra swirl is probably one of the oldest coloring techniques I know of, and is a classic soapmaking design (in my opinion!) It was one of the first designs I learned, and is one of my favorites to break out when I get bored.

The way I was taught to do a mantra swirl soap consisted of splitting the batch in two colors, and using a chopstick or skewer to swirl the mantra design into the top of the soap. This would swirl the internal divide of soap a little bit, but not very much. You could cut the loaf of soap horizontally instead of vertically to show off the mantra on the large face of each bar, but I’m not one for special treatment during cutting or curing!

Finding a way to bring the mantra swirl throughout the soap was the goal. When I learned the hanger swirl, and combined the two, I checked it off my list of “Must Figure Out!”

Now, I’m sharing how I achieve this look and captured it all on video, just for you! Check out the modified mantra swirl soap making:

Demonstration Time: Modified Mantra Swirl Soap Making

Is there a soap design or coloring technique you’d like to see featured here on the Amathia Soapworks blog? Or do you have a sudsy question about a soapmaking procedure, ingredient, or process? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll get you covered!!

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14 Responses

  1. Really nice Kenna and a joy to watch! Just a suggestion, if you ever wanted to make some product photography tutorials, I’d be one of your first viewers. You take awesome pictures!

  2. Beautiful!! Love the mantra swirl. I’ve tried it once and ended up with a big mess (the soap traced too fast..oops).

    How did you cut the soap with modified mantra swirl? Horizontally or vertically?

    1. The way I modified the mantra makes the swirl visible from all sides by cutting it vertically from a loaf mold. With a regular mantra, you’d need to cut it horizontally in a loaf mold to get the mantra on each bar. 🙂 Hope that helps!

      1. Love your video Kenna! I just made my first batch of soap yesterday and it was so fun. Your comment about how you cut this soap is helpful. Some designs are best cut vertically and others horizontally. How do you figure out which is best for the particular design you are making? Is there an actual method or is it just trial and error.

  3. Awesome! One question. With the hanger swirl part, is the first pass on the bottom all the way, then do you come up about 1/4th of the way coming back towards you, then up again going back, and up again coming towards you for a total of 4 passes before you pull it out?

    1. The first pass is about 1/2″ away from the bottom. 🙂 Depending on how much you come up will depend on how many passes you get, it’s totally up to you!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Hi Kenna,you have no idea how much I appreciate your tutorials. As a new soaper, this info is invaluable to me. You inspire me to learn more because you so generously share info and recipes. Thank you for that! Seeing your info on FO is awesome. My soap seems to set up way too fast to attempt cool designs, and I suspect it may be the fo’s I’m using. Can’t wait to try. BTW, just looked into the Uber Kate mold. Rich speaks quite highly of you 🙂

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