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Efficiency in Scaling: Introduction to Master Batching Soap Making E-Book

As many of you know, I hosted Central Soapers Workshop this past March. It was a first year gathering right here in Kansas City. The response and feedback was amazing, and I think it was a huge success! However, my desire to keep it an affordable workshop (final registration was $150 for two days of speakers, demonstrations, workshops, and more) was a little overzealous. CSW went over budget and I covered the remaining costs from our personal savings.

Introduction to Masterbatching Soapmaking Oils & Lye SolutionIn order to recuperate some of the out of pocket costs, I wrote an e-book detailing everything we covered in an hour and a half in my master batch soap making workshop (plus some!)

In 27 pages, the new Efficiency in Scaling: Introduction to Masterbatching e-book covers how to scale production for soapmaking, how to move to big batch sizes, procedures for master batch soap making, various equipment setups, tips, tricks, safety information, and so much more. My goal was to create a base resource that allowed the soap maker who was interested in batching to really determine if it is right for them and how to accomplish moving forward with their own master batch soap making plans!

There are also two pages worth of valuable resources, including links to suppliers, DIY instructions for molds & cutters, videos of big batch soap making, and more! The initial reviews say the e-book is stuffed full of information that’s easy to read and has pushed many soapmakers forward with their plans to pre-batch oils and/or lye solution – that’s what I like to hear!

I have been masterbatching my soapmaking oils and lye solution for two years now, and would never have it any other way! Here’s what other¬†soap-makers¬†have said about their premixed soapmaking oils and/or lye solution:

I can say that I love having a pot of oils for 6 five lb. batches of soap ready to go. That’s the most I’ve prepared at one time. All the work to measure everything out is done once for all those batches. Such a time saver. –¬†Susan¬†of Bella Fresca Handcrafted Bath & Body

Masterbatching is a great time saver, and allows for spontaneous soap-making creativity! – Nae of Long Leaf Soaps

So what are you waiting for? Save time, save money, and get moving! Pick up your copy for only $15 until May 1st!

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