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Want to take your soap company to the next level? These articles will help you go from soapmaker to moneymaker, with ideas of where and how to sell your soap, how to manage your finances, and how to price your handmade soap for profit. If all you’ve ever wanted was to make money selling your soap, you are in the right place.

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My Best Advice for Successful Holiday Craft Shows

Every fall, a ton of questions from first-time holiday craft show vendors start streaming in. How much product do I take? What do I need? Any advice? If this sounds like burning hot questions, you need the answers to, we’ve got you. This year, we decided to put all our favorite advice together in one place for you. No more freaking out, no more Googling the world over, and no more sleepless nights working haphazardly in advance. Here are my favorite tips and tricks for the smooth, stress-free, and successful holiday craft shows that are in your future: 1) Make

It's time to make a profit

are you working hard selling your soap without a dime to show for it?

worse yet, are you basically paying people to take it?

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    Pricing for Profit


    Over 70 pages of detailed information about pricing your handmade soap, bath and body, cosmetics, and skincare products for sale – whether you are just starting out, or are losing out on profits now.

Getting Started with Bookkeeping for Handmade Businesses

Over a year and a half ago, I was tearing my hair out over the mess of bookkeeping records I had kept in Wave Apps …

Are You Ready for Barcodes? Everything You Need to Know to Decide (And Where to Buy!)

Now that we’ve talked about common cosmetic labeling mistakes in regards to regulations, let’s dive into some other packaging and labeling areas: bar codes! The …

#FM2UReads: April Was On The Money

In honor of switching it up, I hosted April’s #FM2UReads giveaway on Facebook while I was traveling from Missouri to Arizona (“The Great Move of …

Getting Alternative Funding for Your Soap Company

One of the most common emails I get in my inbox is along the lines of “I have $50, how do I start my business?” or …

5 Quick Tips to Masterminding Wholesale

For a lot of soapmakers, wholesale sounds like a scary challenge. But it’s not as hard or terrifying as it’s made out to be! If you’ve decided …

To Be Successful, Know the True Cost of Your Handmade Soap

We’ve talked about why anyone should wholesale their soap, the bare bones basics of what they need to wholesale, and the words they need to know in …

The Bare Necessities of Wholesale Magic

It’s not as hard to get started wholesaling as many soapmakers think! There are some bare necessities of wholesale to get you started on your path …

Wholesale Primer + The Words You Need to Know

On Friday, I talked about why anyone would want to wholesale their handmade soap. So if that’s you, but you are totally new to what …