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During this workshop, we'll be tackling your biggest barriers to getting started and get you on the fast track to making progress.

You'll learn:

✨ How you can avoid the most common mistake soapmakers make when they dive into building their biz 

✨ Where most soapmakers waste their time (and they don't even know it because it's the easy answer)

✨ How following the crowd and using your favorite soapy idols as models for success will trip you up and stifle your growth

✨ The surefire way to make sure your products don't flop when you put them out in the world

✨ And how you can ensure your success any day of the week for the rest of your life (seriously)

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I've helped 1,000s of soapmakers turn their passion into profit. Here's just a few:

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I'm Kenna and I'm the founder of Modern Soapmaking.

I've been around the soap block, literally and figuratively.

I started making soap in 2004. Some say that one of my superpowers is distilling soapmaking chemistry down to plain English.

I've owned and operated two profitable soap companies: Amathia Soapworks and Gratitude Soapery. In 2013, I launched Modern Soapmaking to help other soapmakers see the same success.

I've spoken at dozens of industry conferences, events, and workshops and have taught thousands of soapmakers how to make the best damn soap ever (and how to make bank selling it).

And now I've built a team of badass soap biz owners who add more experience and hands-on deck so we can help you do the same. We literally have over 30 years of experience in this industry. 🤯

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