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#FM2UReads: In February, Love is in the Air – or is it?

Throughout 2015, I’m giving away my favorite books that have helped shape me as an entrepreneur. One lucky duck snagged REWORK in January (which I highly recommend if you missed it!), so let’s hit up February!

Love is in the Air!February is known for housing Valentine’s Day (but I think it should be known for housing my birthday instead.) So, this month, I wanted to giveway a book that touches on a rough topic for entrepreneurs: personal relationships.

Being in a relationship with entrepreneur is tough cookies, whether you are the entrepreneur or the spouse. We tend to be workaholics, we tend to stress over things that seem nominal to others, and we may be slightly addicted to our businesses. That takes a huge toll on personal relationships, I know from experience.

Over the last sevenĀ years, I met and married my darling right-hand, Brian, and we’ve brought three beautiful rays of sunshine into the world (read: kidlets!) And with each step our personal lives haveĀ made, my career choices as an entrepreneur have influenced our lives far more than my husband’s traditional employment. And I would be lying to say we’ve held it all together perfectly through it all.

startup lifeThanks to books likeĀ Startup Life: Surviving & Thriving in a Relationship with an Entrepreneur, I can keep my entrepreneurial crazies in check and continue to nourish healthy relationships with my husband and children.

I absolutely must give the disclaimer that this book was a little unrealistic in the “I’m-bootstrapping-and-we’re-broke” ideals (some suggestions require having the cash to take vacations, etc.) It was also written by a child-free couple (nothing wrong with that!), so if you are looking to apply some of the advice, you may need to tweak it A LOT to work in your situation.

But what this book did do is help me see how my career was affecting my relationship with my spouse, and make better decisions to help instead of hinder our existence as a healthy and happy family unit.

Does it hold all the keys to the perfect answers in managing your relationships? No.

Do I still think you should read it? Of course.

#FM2UReads Giveaway

If you don’t own a copy of Startup Life: Surviving & Thriving in a Relationship with an EntrepreneurĀ yet, it’s time to get your hands on one and you can do that right here and right now. Through the end of February, you can pop on by on the daily and enter to win your own copy.

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6 Responses

  1. My dedication to soap and building my business has changed my relationships so much, much more than I had imagined it would. While I did expect most wouldn’t understand my passion, the people that I thought would be my biggest supporters, aren’t. When I studied to be an esthetician, declined social invites, and always had my head in the books and stayed in the “lab,” no one could wrap their heads around it. I was told that I had “changed.” Ha, yeah, but for the better, to live out my dreams and put my passion into play. I finally figured the perfect balance between my passions of both art and science. No matter how nice I tried to explain to people that it’s just me starting a biz from the ground up and that it takes a lot of time and work, no one understood or even seemed to care to or acknowledge my biz when I mentioned working on something for it- and I rarely even mentioned my biz because of being afraid of those exact reactions from people…but it still happened. It used to sadden me, but never stalled me and with reframing my thinking regarding it, I just kept it moving forward. I learned that just like everyone is not your customer, not every friend or family member is a supporter and some friends may even “unfriend” you and I’m ok with that. I must say though that my husband, my mom and my little sister are such great cheerleaders, motivators, and are awesome at promoting. šŸ™‚ I am so very thankful and grateful for them. They may not always know what I’m talking about when I vent or bounce ideas off of them, but they at least listen and respond. (Whew, that was a vent in itself, thanks for letting me do so!)

  2. I struggle with the fact that many in my network don’t really take me seriously or understand what it takes to start a business. Many seem to think that it’s merely about following “recipes” and making soap. But fortunately my husband is very supportive and seems to be slowly “getting it”!

  3. I have to say that my husband has been so great about my love of everything soaping. He has even gone so far as to learn and love it with me. There’s nothing more that I could ask for when it comes to my husband!

  4. I love your realistic review of this book and how it can be applied to our REALlife situation. Many of us don’t take that into consideration and then find ourselves angry, disappointed and frustrated – not only with ourselves but those closest to us. We also fall victim to constantly comparing our lives and businesses to others without knowing or sometimes caring about the REALlife they are living. So thanks again and everyone be happy and proud to #GoForthAndCreateYourSuccess by YOUR own standards.

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