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How to Fix it When You Screw Up

There’s one thing I can promise you about being in biz for yourself. I’d sign a guarantee on it, in blood. I swear.

You are going to drop the ball.One guarantee in biz: dropping the ball

At least once. Probably more than once. And that’s totally normal.

I’ve come to realize that most of the entrepreneurs around me are just like I am: perfectionists. The idea of screwing up is terrifying and completely unacceptable.

Guess what? We aren’t perfect. Screw-ups are going to happen.

The light at the end of the tunnel is that you can learn how to catch the ball. Get back on the right track. Pick up the pieces.

How do I know? Because I have to do it – a lot.

In fact, I’m doing it right now.

I could say my hard drive on my computer failed, and I lost my entire presentation for the HSCG conference the week before I left for Tucson so I really was crunching for time.

I could say I felt like death due to some unknown sickness I acquired at the conference.

I could say when I got home from the conference, I was entirely uninspired and just didn’t want to do anything.

I could say being a mom to three little kidlets can get the best of me and my biz falls by the wayside.

You know what all those things are? Excuses.

(And none of them relate to my screw up either, but hey, they are things that “went wrong” in the last couple weeks!)

If you drop the ball, you have to eat your words and put your excuses down. Pity parties suck, don’t they? No one wants that invite.

Suck it up, and own your mistakes. Acknowledge them honestly, and make good on your word. If you screwed up an order for customer, acknowledge your mistake and issue a genuine apology. Tell your customer how you are going to make it right, and then do it.

Be honest with yourself, and learn from it. Look at the situation from the outside, and analyze what happened. To bridge my previous example, maybe you were rushing to get the order together and need to work on your order packing procedures. (Checklist are my favorite thing in the world!)

Look to the sun, and move right along. Once you’ve handled the situation, and gotten a little lesson out of it, it’s time to move the heck on. Dwelling on mistakes and beating yourself up will only tear you down. Screw that noise. Stay positive and keep your self esteem intact, please.

Have you dropped the ball recently? Tell me about it by leaving a comment, show me I’m not alone. Please, I’m begging you.

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11 Responses

  1. You are not alone Kenna! I have fallen into a slump lately and have not been focusing on my business at all, I have been thinking of moving towards wholesale but have not been doing the necessary research as I should have and here we are almost 6 months into 2014 and I haven’t one a single wholesale order 🙁

  2. Kenna, I love that each day has a joyous beginning ( after a cup of coffee) , an industrious middle , and a time for reflection and the amazing to-do list for the next day ! Add to that the delicious in the moment presence of children, and you have got yourself a dayful. YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION AND I AM BEGGING YOU TO KEEP YOUR ENERGY AT THE TIP TOP . We count on your intelligent and evocative kicks in the butt.
    I am off to read a bit, dream a bit and tell myself I am going to have fun tomorrow. No more excuses ! thanks .

  3. Hi Kenna, yes we do mistakes, and I made lots of them. I was so existed to bottle the hone, that I planned all the step. I did the cutting, filtering, decantation for 24h, then settling for 48h.
    8pm : Bottling. Wash each jar with hotwater and soap. Then steralisation in preheat oven 180°c. 10minutes. I was thrilled, jars were ready, I was focusing so hard no to drip the honey everywhere but only in the funel to the jars. Close each with sanitized lids. It was 11:45pm. Then crap………
    I forgot to order the labels. No name, no label, just plain nothing. Well I had to call all my awaiting customers who preordered 2monhts ago, and gave them a sincere apology. I asked them if they could just wait that I can find a good labeling company.

    Next morning, all of them showed up at the shop, I was thinking they were going to scold me so hard, because of the long wait, and I will have to apologize again. Guess I was wrong. My whole harvest in label-free 500g glass jars run out in about 3h.

    Well next in line, with 15kg of honey collected, I am left with around 3kg of beewax. Kenna, thanks for the inspiration, this wax with going for run for my 1st soap. I really like your Lemongrass+coco soap. I am going to connect this recepee with beewax from the hive.
    Thanks for your genuine spirit, your kindness.

  4. Kenna,
    You.are.not.alone. it happens to all of us (it happens to me more often then I’d like to admit, but it’s part of the journey). I’d like to add to your list to enjoy the ride! See ya in Prattville!

  5. I drop the ball all the time. Even when I was working in a really big bank doing IT stuff. I forgot to cancel a security test and the external company arrived at the data centre and we weren’t anywhere near ready! They were going to charge us a huge fine but I stepped up and owned up. Took guts – could have been fired. In my defense I had 5 times the workload of anyone else in my team but was told to suck it up. The manager from the external company rang me direct and said he really appreciated my honesty and I was the first straight talker he had dealt with in the bank. He waived the fine and came back a couple of months later. Phew. Turns out the best thing is to admit the mistake and be humbly graceful about it. People will always forgive honesty, but they will see straight through a cover up and you’ll just look flaky in the end and ruin your reputation. Takes a bigger person to admit his mistakes and all that. It was a blessing though since it made me realise the rubbish situation I was really in and that something had to change. I found a better job and my horrible boss got fired. Hah! Karma. Now I watch little snippet vids on youtube of a certain (famous) motivational speaker. It’s like a little kick in the butt when I don’t know how to get out of a rut in my life – work or personal. 🙂

  6. ps – I am new to soapmaking and haven’t had many disasters yet. Although, the first time I used EO (after much practise with plain old soaps to get the science right), I mis-calculated and added double the EO. :/ Luckily I am still in the learning phase. Now I a system in place to ensure I have the proper percentages etc it won’t be a mistake I make again. Onwards and upwards.

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