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COVID-19 Resources

Should You Use Current Events to Market Your Products and/or Services?

Everyone’s talking about it, so why shouldn’t you?

Whether it’s COVID-19 or something else, a lot of brands capitalize on current events as marketing opportunities.

Here’s how to know if it’s right for you. And if it is, how you should do it.

Previously recorded live content. Please be aware that during this time, the information we receive changes rapidly. This may not be 100% accurate at the time of viewing.

How to Handle Supply Chain Disruptions

Some of the supplies we need to manufacture our products are running low or are completely out of stock. It doesn’t change that we need to continue disinfecting our work surfaces and tools and protecting ourselves from hazardous materials.

Here’s how to replace certain items in your manufacturing routine and what to expect moving forward.

This is previously recorded live content. Please be aware that during this time, the information we receive changes rapidly. This may not be 100% accurate at the time of viewing.

Is Now the Right Time to Start a Biz or Invest in Your Current Biz?

Everyone is freaking out, you included. Maybe you’ve lost your job or seen your hours cut, is now the time you’ve been waiting for to start that soap biz?

Or maybe you’ve had your business awhile and are second guessing whether or not you should be launching new products or moving forward with new promotions.

Let’s talk it out.

Previously recorded live content. Please be aware that during this time, the information we receive changes rapidly. This may not be 100% accurate at the time of viewing.

7 Ways to Keep Your Customers Supporting Your Business Right Now

For some soap businesses, revenue has hit the floor and jumped out the window. While there are funding resources available, you need to keep doing your best to keep your business alive.

Here are 7 ways you can retain your customers during these unprecedented times.

Previously recorded live content. Please be aware that during this time, the information we receive changes rapidly. This may not be 100% accurate at the time of viewing.

Make This a Turning Point in Your Biz

A whole lot of people suddenly have a lot more time on their hands to dig deep and work hard on their businesses. To ease the burden, we’ve opened up membership to the Next Level Tribe for new members at 50% off the first month.

Get instant access to almost 100 downloadable resources, workbooks, templates, and more. Plus, monthly training like the ones you tuned in to above and deep dives on specific topics. No matter where you are at in your biz, we can help you.

Coupon code COVID at checkout, only available on Next Level Tribe membership. Coupon will be available for a limited time due to the ever evolving circumstances, and may expire at any time. Stay tuned for more COVID related content.

More Help is On the Way

Third Party Links

First and foremost, reach out to your local community. Your area SCORE office and your Chamber of Commerce will have leads on local resources. 

Next, reach out to the services and creditors you already use. Most utility companies won’t do disconnects right now, and all of the major credit card companies have also stated they are working with customers affected. For instance, I’ve been able to defer my mortgage payments for a couple months – it took about 30 minutes on the phone, but gives me room in our budget for reduced revenue.

Be proactive – don’t ignore your bills and hope they go away. (Update: Various legal protections have been provided in various locations for utilities, rent, and mortgages, including protection on the federal level from the CARES Act.)

Lastly, U.S. taxpayers will have until July 15, 2020 to file or pay any taxes owed, according to the IRS Press Release. If are getting a refund, you should file to receive it as normal as those payments are being processed.

Our payroll processing, time tracking, and HR management company, Gusto, has put together a massive spreadsheet of further resources. 

Please note: The FDA has announced that they do not intend on taking action against manufacturers of hand sanitizers, provided that they are manufacturing them in accordance with the World Health Organization Guidelines.

U.S. Small Business Administration

The Small Business Administration has a resource center specifically for small businesses with plenty of information about precautions you should be taking,

The SBA has opened up disaster relief loans for small businesses impacted by coronavirus. You can apply for a loan here.


In typical fashion, Square is coming through for small businesses. They have waived all subscription fees for the month of March and are refunding all fees already paid.

In addition, they are working on new features to help small businesses work with their customers during social distancing. They just added a curbside pickup option and are working on adding delivery.


Paypal is allowing merchants to instant transfer funds to their bank accounts without any fees at this time. (I believe it’s normally a 10% fee up to $10 or something of that nature.)

Paypal is also providing other perks, such as deferment on Working Capital payments and double cashback on their debit Mastercard.

Facebook for Business

The social media giant, Facebook, has put together their own resource center with tips for managing coronavirus as a small business.

They are also offering small business grants, up to $100 million to up to 30,000 businesses. Details are not yet available, but you can sign up for updates here.


Kabbage, a small business lender, has set up a gift certificate hub where small businesses can sell gift certificates to be redeemed later (but the business gets the funds now). Kabbage facilitates everything.

You can list your business in the directory (or buy gift certificates yourself to support other small businesses).


MainVest is offering a $2,000 no interest loan to brick-and-mortar businesses seeking future long-term community investment through MainVest’s licensed crowdfunding portal. More information is on their website here.

JPMorgan Chase & Co

JP Morgan has pledged $50 million to coronavirus efforts including an allocated $8 million for small businesses vulnerable to economic hardship, including Entrepreneurs of Color Fund, Ascend, and Community Development Financial Institution partners. More information is on their website here.

Take Care of You and Yours

Health & Wellness

Physical & Mental Health

If you need something to do to take your mind off the pandemic and your stress levels, I am loving Stay Home, Take Care to serve up ideas and things to do.

Remember it’s important to keep your body and mind moving. Here are some free apps and services for doing just that:


If you want to pretend like you aren’t stuck at home, you can virtually visit a whole lot of places. (Plus, some of these are really handy for kids):


Mental health is hard in the first place, but now it’s harder. Let’s make it a bit easier:

Homeschool Resources

I wanted to share as many resources as I could since I homeschooled my kids for several years. My kids range in age from pre-K to 5th grade, so I don’t have much for the older kids.

Get Your Kid Moving & Entertained

These are really helpful if its rainy, snowy, or muddy outside like it is here.

Educational Websites & Apps

Educational YouTube Channels (Science and History)

Extracurriculars & Other Resources