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Central Soapers Workshop: Sunday Recap (Part 3)

I hope you enjoyed the previous two Central Soapers Workshop 2014 recap posts! Let’s wrap this up with a recap on Sunday’s events, because really, that was the best day. (Maybe I’m a little biased here?)

Let’s kick it off with what went down in The Workshop on Sunday!

Amanda from Lovin Soap Project
Amanda from Lovin Soap Project

First up was the amazing Amanda Griffin from Lovin Soap and Lovin Soap Project. She introduced us to the Haitian Creole term, Bon Bagay! which means Good things!

What does that have to do with soap making?

She talked about how being socially and environmentally responsible in our businesses is, well, good for business!

She called Benjamin up front towards the end to talk about their work in Haiti with Lovin Soap Project, too. Love these two!

(Sorry for the bad photo, my phone was not a happy camper at this point!)

DH Riley from Madame Scodioli
DH Riley from Madame Scodioli

Afterwards, Riley (more affectionately known as Doghouse Riley) from Madame Scodioli gave us the lowdown on striking product photography.

She talked about how to take the best product photos, how to arrange products for shooting, and how to treat those photos for the best result. White balance, natural light, props, and more all came into the discussion.

Riley is known for her stunning branding and photography, and we were really lucky to have her spill her secrets.

Next up?

Lela Introducing Herself Before Diving In
Lela Introducing Herself Before Diving In

Lela Barker from Lucky Break Consulting (come on, you guys have heard me crushing on her over on Facebook, right?!) packed the room with her DIY PR talk.

She condensed down her huge and crazy good Romancing the Press: How to Build a Media-Friendly Company on an Itty Bitty Budget class into a 105 minutes of pure goodness.

She nailed out everything you could want to know about getting free press in publications and blogs, like what you need before you dive in and how to pitch.

Killing Excuses About Blogging One at a Time!
Killing Excuses About Blogging One at a Time!

Last but not least, I took on the podium to deliver Getting Busy with Blogging for Business.

This little ditty has been in the works for a couple months now, and will be released in mid to late April as a full fledged DIY online course, complete with audio, video, worksheets, and more.

I condensed down the hours of info I have on the slate for a 45 minute summary of the need to know basics of blogging. And I just barely scratched the surface with a teaser the day before CSW.

Ready to get soapy in the Soap Lab?

Holly Port About to Bubble It Up
Holly Port About to Bubble It Up

Holly Port from Lotion Bar Cafe kicked off the Soap Lab festivities on Sunday with alcoholic soapmaking.

She gave away bottles of brew for soapmakers to take home and slap in their soaps, and showed off by whipping up a batch of bubbly soap.

Word on the street is Holly is coming out with a book all about bath fizzies here soon! She’s the total queen of bath bombs, so I can’t wait to see it and tell you all about it!

After Holly wrapped up, I stepped up to the plate to chat about testing colorants in soapmaking, and gave each attendee a copy of Swatch Mania! on the house.

The conversation got derailed a bit with INCI and FDA regulations, but I think it was a productive discussion that everyone learned a little something something about.

Tanya Showing How It's Done
Tanya Showing How It’s Done

And the last soap maker to pull out the stops in the Soap Lab was Tanya Rasley from Baby Duck Soap Co.

She shared the basics of using micas in cold process soap, and how to achieve the ever popular veining and swirling techniques.

Everyone was swooning over her example soaps!

I just have to say that without Tanya’s super helping hand over the last eight months, Central Soapers Workshop would have been nowhere near as awesome. She was totally my right hand gal every step of the way.

After the Workshop and the Soap Lab wrapped up, it was time to pull the raffle and hand out all the fabulous prizes from our sponsors. Every single attendee of Central Soapers Workshop walked away with something – how rockstar is that?!

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  1. Kendra!
    Thank you for the full overview for those like myself who could not attend. A job well done and an inspiration to start planning to attend the next one.

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