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Central Soapers Workshop 2014: Saturday Recap (Part 2)

I promised a play by play recap of Central Soapers Workshop 2014, so we’ll jumpstart with the longest day of them all: SATURDAY!

Central Soapers Workshops is divided into two parts: the Workshop and the Soap Lab. The Workshop is where we talk biz. The Soap Lab is where we get together to whip up soap and learn new techniques!

Let’s Recap the Workshop!

Retail Ready talk with Charlene Simon of Bathhouse Soapery
Retail Ready talk with Charlene Simon of Bathhouse Soapery

We kicked it off with Charlene Simon of Bathhouse Soapery giving soap makers the 411 on how to be retail ready.

Attendees walked away with all the real deal information they needed to evaluate whether or not opening a brick and mortar location was REALLY for them and their businesses. (So many soapmakers dream to have their own storefront!)

Lela Barker Talking About Priorities for Donna Maria
Lela Barker Talking About Priorities for Donna Maria

Lela Barker from Lucky Break Consulting helped out us by conquering Donna Maria’s talk on Work/Life balance.

Due to unfortunate circumstance, Donna Maria (Indie Business Network fame!) wasn’t able to join us at Central Soapers Workshop. Lela nailed it and Donna Maria shared her wisdom in a blog post, too!

Tanya Rasley talking Etsy, Farmer's Markets, and Craft shows
Tanya Rasley talking Etsy, Farmer’s Markets, and Craft shows

Tanya Rasley from Baby Duck Soap Co. showed how to rock it out on Etsy as well as at Farmer’s Markets and Craft Shows.

(Tanya was also my right hand minion for planning Central Soapers Workshop, among other amazing volunteers!)

She covered everything from how much product to bring to an event to how to effectively list on Etsy. A seriously jam packed workshop from start to finish.

Benjamin Aaron of Prairie Soap Company
Benjamin Aaron of Prairie Soap Company dropping wisdom left and right

Benjamin Aaron from Prairie Soap Company wrapped up the sessions in The Workshop with a talk about goal setting and being positive.

He also gave the lowdown on how he believes those practices translated directly into success for his company. It was the perfect way to walk away from a day of learning at Central Soapers Workshop!

And the Soap Lab was no joke, either!

Amy Young Demystifying Liquid Soapmaking
Amy Young Demystifying Liquid Soapmaking

Over in the Soap Lab, things kicked off with Amy Young completely demystifying liquid soapmaking for Central Soapers Workshop attendees.

I overheard so many soapmakers talk about how Amy banished their fears about liquid soap! Rock it!

Here’s to hoping many of the attendees headed home and put her knowledge to work! It was one of the top requested topics last year.

(Speaking of requests, if you attended, don’t forget to fill out the feedback survey! Wink, wink.)

Amanda & Holly Showing Off the Peacock Swirl
Amanda & Holly Showing Off the Peacock Swirl

Amanda Griffin from Lovin Soap & Lovin Soap Project showcased her peacock swirl with a sweet demo.

Holly Port gave her a helping hand (these two are inseparable!). The final soap was gorgeous!

Plus, a lucky attendee got to snag the mold Amanda used – the beautiful 18 Bar Birchwood Mold! Congrats, Barbara!

Playing with Perfumery
Playing with Perfumery

Charlene wrapped it up hitting on Perfumery 101. She brought a boatload of fragrances for attendees to play with!

Somehow, Charlene escaped photos of the fun. Boo!

After an intense day of learning, all the attendees of the first day of the soap making conference were invited to take a seat for dinner.

Denise, Ann, JaRee, & Ranea enjoying the After Party
Denise, Anne, JaRee, & Ranea enjoying the After Party

We enjoyed a couple fun games, including a photo booth, ring toss, and a crazy sack race.

Majestic Mountain Sage shared live video of the craziness. You MUST check it out! Don’t mind the hysterical laughing. 😉

CSW attendees collectively took home over $800 worth of soap swag from the After Party in prizes from the amazing Wholesale Supplies Plus. Goodness, golly!

Saturday was beyond amazing. We’re so thankful for every single person who came along for the ride. But guess what?! CSW is a two day event! So, I’ll be sharing all the deets about Sunday very soon!

And if you want to make sure to hit up Central Soapers Workshop next year, head over to the website and join the mailing list!

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