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Branding a soap business can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be when you understand the fundamentals behind soap logos, packaging, and copywriting. Build a soap brand that stands out from the crowd with these articles, where we talk about all the different ways of branding soap for small business.

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How to Choose a Target Market that Will Make You Profitable

Do you struggle to connect with your customers? When potential buyers see your Instagram posts, land on your website, and chat you up at your markets, do they feel right at home? They should. To make that happen, you need to know your target market like you know your best friend. One of the first steps of branding your soap biz is to define your target market. But, this is a huge obstacle for new soap biz owners that reach out for our help. So, let’s break down the barriers and start at the beginning… What is a target market,

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DIY Design: What’s the difference between RGB and CMYK?

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Taking Your Own Headshots Until You Can Hook Up with a Pro

I am terrified of the camera, I’d much rather be behind it than in front of it. Plus, just like all of my lovely readers, …

How to Use Content from the Web Legally

Recently, I’ve had a few issues with copyright violation of Modern Soapmaking articles, eBooks, etc. It made me realize that many people don’t know if …

Eco Friendly Shipping: Eco Enclose Shipping Supplies

Y’all know how important it is to me to keep our products environmentally sound and to reduce my impact on our Earth. Our tag line …

New Soap Packaging: What the Shrink?

We’re slowly converting all our soaps over to new packaging. Yes, I know, I loved the clear PET boxes, too! While they are recyclable, they …