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INCI ingredient names are needed for CNF and labels
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How to Complete Your Cosmetic Notification Forms (Canada)

Are you feeling overwhelmed at the thought of filling out your Cosmetic Notification Forms? If you’ve spent any time listening to other soapmakers going through the process, you might be. I’ve been through the process myself, so I get it. If you’ve found yourself staring at the Health Canada website with your eyes glazing over, this article is for you. Ready to break it down? Once you’ve developed your product line and know which ingredients you will be using, it’s time to submit your Cosmetic Notification Forms (CNFs) to Health Canada. You can fill out your forms up to 10

How to light your product photos
Promoting Your Products

How to Light Your Product Photos Like a Pro

Light is the most important part of photography! It doesn’t matter how spectacular your products look or how state-of-the-art your camera is; if your photography

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How to Create a Marketing Calendar to Save You Time & Keep You Focused

Too often I see soapmakers run their businesses like today is the only day that matters, and while that kicks some serious ass for motivation …

The Best Reasons to Sell Wholesale Handmade Soap

A lot of times when fresh-faced soapmakers jump into biz, they hear about wholesale and the first question they ask is WHY. Why would I …

How to Make Managing Your Email Easy

Owning a small business gets a little crazy, pulling you a million different directions all the time. However, if you asked me what the hardest …

How to Create Facebook Ads that Actually Work for Your Business

Soap business owners are coming to terms with the fact that social media is no longer a free marketing playground. I’ve seen an uptick in …

How to Market Your Handmade Soap Effectively and Easily

When I snag the privilege of working one-on-one with soapmakers to boost their soap businesses, we usually identify straight away the core issue. More often …

4 Ways to Extend the Shelf Life of Your Essential Oils

Essential oils are a pricey investment for any soap and cosmetic formulator. It’s one of the biggest complaints we see among makers who first tackle …

How to Raise Your Prices and Delight Your Customers (At The Same Time)

Many years ago, I started selling my handmade soap at craft shows and farmers markets for five dollars a bar. Like many soapmakers, I wasn’t …

Helping Soapmakers Affected by Harvey

Hurricane Harvey made landfall last Friday, and set records for the amount of rainfall in southeast Texas and southern Louisiana. If you missed it, here’s …