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Meet the Three New People Who Care About Your Success

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We recently put out the call for applications to join the Modern Soapmaking team. Success Coordinator is a unique position, and we needed two. The right candidates had to have soapmaking expertise and mad organizational skills. And they needed to be customer service oriented and fit seamlessly into the Modern Soapmaking community!

With close to one hundred applicants, some impressive video submissions, and several nontraditional Zoom interviews, y'all brought the goods! So much so that we decided to hire three applicants rather than the planned two.

Why not, right!? We just had our biggest month ever in July here at Modern Soapmaking. And we are in growth mode (which meant making some tough cuts to our offerings). To support all of you rockstars who purchase our goodies, we needed to grow our fab team.

So, put your hands together and give a warm welcome to our new Success Coordinators: Stephanie Kinard, Rachel Fichter, and Madelyn Le. These ladies will assist Kenna and me in managing and building the community around Modern Soapmaking. You will see them responding to questions on social media, in email, and via chat. And they will be helping facilitate community programs and events (and so much more!)

Yup, we have two Stephanie's on a five-person team. World domination is next. Here's Stephanie K. in her own words...

Welcome Stephanie Kinard to the Modern Soapmaking team!

Hi there. My name is Stephanie and I am so excited to join the Modern Soapmaking family! I am the owner of QueenBean's Outstanding Soaps or Q-BOS for short. Also, I am also a licensed esthetician and esthetics instructor. I have been a makeup and skincare junkie since I started rummaging through my mom's vanity as a little girl.

I started making soap just a couple of years ago, primarily as a hobby. Over a decade ago my dad (may he rest in peace), developed a serious illness and needed less irritating body products, starting with soap. I spent tons of hours (and will still peruse aisles) in certain apothecaries and farmers markets examining and purchasing soap.

I spent nearly 17 years working in the cut-throat world of finance on trading floors and in back offices and boiler rooms. Interestingly enough, the name QueenBean came from a comical nickname I acquired while working in the soybean trading pit.

After working for so many years in this environment, I experienced major burn out, along with the collapse of the financial markets in 2008, and I made the decision to change careers and become an esthetician and esthetics instructor. After learning more about skin and skincare ingredients, I bit the bullet and started making soap.

Making soap is a meditative activity for me. It's often given me solace in tumultuous times and is an invaluable life skill. I love knowing exactly what is going into the bars of soap that I am using and selling to others.

The opportunity to gain invaluable information that not only educates me but also gives me the tools to help educate others prompted me to join the Modern Soapmaking team.

Unfortunately, most of us have heard: "Figure it out and make it work." And while this may actually be an acceptable answer in some cases, it is not an acceptable answer to anyone who is thinking of starting and running a soap business. There is more than enough room in this world to help others achieve their goals in obtaining a viable business and I am so elated to help with that process. Let's rock and roll!

Next up is Rachel, who went on a mini-rant about the racist patriarchy in her interview. So, clearly, she fits in around here.

Welcome Rachel Fichter to the Modern Soapmaking team!

Greetings Modern Soapmaking! My name is Rachel Fichter, and I’m one of the new Success Coordinators. (Woo!) I’m an avid follower of Modern Soapmaking and have been for 4 years. Modern Soapmaking helped me successfully start my own soapy biz. I’m honored to be joining the team,

Prior to going full time with my soap company The MacBath, I was a reference and technology librarian at both academic and public libraries. So if anyone needs some book recommendations, hit me up! I live in a small college town in Ohio with my spouse, my dog, and my enormous yarn collection. I’m a maker in general - spinning, knitting, weaving, and gardening, to name a few. Soapmaking has interested me since I was a little girl. But my mother wanted me to grow up with all of my skin intact and wouldn’t let me use lye until I moved out. I started making soap after college, and I haven’t stopped since.

I’m also a huge nerd and can often be found vending at comic cons, in my native habitat among my fellow geeks. Whether it’s an argument, er, spirited discussion about the Game of Thrones finale or a deep dive into the English language’s Great Vowel Shift (look it up, it’s awesome), I’m always down for nerding out.

I’m so looking forward to working with all of you! A brilliant, fun, and soapy future awaits.

When Madelyn mentioned a bathtub filled with mac and cheese on our Zoom call, she had my heart. You are going to love her too.

Welcome Madelyn Le to the Modern Soapmaking team!

Hello friends! I’m Madelyn and I’m so excited to be here. I am a college student who is taking her time to complete two degrees at the same time. I have my own tiny soap business that is based around creating fun, pretty soap inspired by books. It might sound a bit nerdy, but I have a lot of fun. And that’s part of the reason why I wanted to join Modern Soapmaking! I thought that it would be a fun job to interact with other people who have the same passions and interests as me while also learning a lot from the company and the wonderful community.

Besides soap, I love hanging out with my sidekick, Tater the German Shepherd, and hiking. Before becoming a part of Modern Soapmaking, I was a photographer doing portraits and weddings and frying my eyeballs editing my own creative work late at night. And to this day I still think this is the most impressive thing about me: I can tear plastic wrap perfectly straight every time. Boom.

Since Madelyn, Rachel, and Stephanie K. have joined, I'll be able to step into my new role as Director of Operations. Woohoo! I'll be overseeing Modern Soapmaking's daily business activities, basically making sure everyone and everything is in the right place at the right time. I also get to train these three badasses who are replacing me!

This means that Kenna will get to spend even more time doing what she loves, teaching you guys to build profitable soap businesses! (Take note, guys. When you hire out the stuff you are crap at, you get to spend more time killing it at what you are good at. What could be better?)

Let's show some love for the newest members of the Modern Soapmaking team in the comments below!

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