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Blog Your Brand: A 30 Day Challenge Is On The Table!

Indie Business Network Blogging Challenge!
Indie Business Network Blogging Challenge!

I must tell you, the reasons that I love being a member of Indie Business Network just grow by the day, week, month, and year! Recently, I’ve been hitting a bit of writer’s block and this little bundle of joy is coming right at the right time…

Donna Maria of Indie Business Network and Stacia Guzzo of Handcrafted Honeybee have put together a thirty day blog challenge for IBN members!

(Are you an IBN member, like me? Get in on the challenge, pronto! Details are posted in the IBN Member-Only Facebook group.)

From June 14 to July 13, we’ve been challenged to publish a blog post on the daily. It took me an hour or so to decide to participate, but I’ve decided to go all in.

The average blog post here on Modern Soapmaking is a whopping 1600 to 1800 words, which means approximately 48,000 to 54,000 words to smash out of my fingertips in 30 days. According to Amazon’s Text Stats, the average book is 64,000 words, so this is a huge challenge similar to NaNoWriMo (which I have attempted but failed several times).

The challenge qualifies posts as short as 200 words, so I just might have to line up a few quick hits to slide by. (I have some ideas to make sure they are still super valuable little nuggets of wisdom!) However, only original posts by a single author count – there is a little discussion about letting a guest article or post slide by once a week, which is what the lovely Veronica’s posts would qualify for, so we’ll see how that shakes out!

Even if you aren’t an IBN member, join in – give it a go and blog your brand for thirty days! It’s a fab challenge to push your limits and creativity.

Why is blogging daily for 30 days a super valuable challenge? Here’s a few quick hits why:

  • A quality blog helps establish credibility in your industry or niche.
  • Google (and other search engines) love fresh quality content, and blogging helps boost your search engine rankings (if you are blogging about the right things for your brand!)
  • Creating quality blog posts means relevant audiences are likely to share them by linking to them on social media, emails, and other websites – link juice adds another kick in the pants to your SEO, and gives you an edge.
  • Blog posts keep working for you after you’ve published them. Blog posts from years ago continue pushing traffic to Modern Soapmaking, including oldies published here when Amathia Soapworks was my main gig.
  • Creating blog content gives you the opportunity to personalize your content, and pop your unique stamp on your work as a soap maven.
  • Blogging solidifies your brand voice, creating a personal extension of your brand to interact with.
  • Having an updated blog gives your customers the opportunity to get to know you, talk to you about your company, products, processes, and so much more.

New to blogging? Here’s my four rules to better blogging for beauty businesses that will help guide you.

Not sure if you can fit it in? The first thing I tell people in Get Busy Blogging is “You have as many hours in a day as Beyoncé.

Yeah, sure, Beyoncé has minions, but the fact of the matter is, Beyoncé has twenty four hours in her day. Just like you, just like me. We all choose how we spend our time, and we make time for things we feel are important enough. Blogging your brand? Damn important.

50,000 words is a lot of content about to be served up here on Modern Soapmaking, so I’m a little nervous committing to the challenge, but it doesn’t hurt to try!

Whether or not you pop along on this challenge with me, I do have a little question to ask you… What do you want to see covered? Do you have any special requests for topics? Do you have a question you want to see answered?

Give me your topic suggestions in the comments below, and let me know if you are blogging along, so I can pop in and cheer you on. 😉

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18 Responses

  1. I’m so excited that you are participating in this challenge! Your wisdom reaches far and wide and I always enjoy reading your posts, whether they are about your personal journey, giving professional tips, or somewhere in between. Can’t wait to visit your page daily over the next month. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Stacia! This challenge has already made me realize that we have a lot more in common than I thought. 😉 Keep rocking it out with a strong arm over on the blog, I look forward to diving in. xoxo

    1. Give it a go, Dana! You can’t fail unless you don’t blog at all – even if you don’t make it through 30 days, some blogging is better than none. 😉

  2. Hi ya! So my main question is this and please forgive my ignorance- but is blogging basically information just going out to people about a certain subject? I think what I want to say is that I find it frustrating to find sites that are just not maintained- since this is a soaping site ill talk about soap. I have gotten online and put in questions about soaping things I need help with-choose a site that looks promising and -bam- its not what I needed at all-and alot of times the last person asking for help just got left hanging for months or years. A question I have is how can I hook up with people in my area that soap that want to help others and want to share failures as well as soap that turns out awesome? Im in Arizona- in the East Valley. Sorry to of rambled on and on! I really love this site. It encourages me and inspires me alot! THANKS!!

    1. Hi Susan,

      Modern Soapmaking is primarily a blog, where you have left this comment is a blog post – a blog is a collection of blog posts. Leaving comments on older material on a lot of blogs will not be responded to, whether the blog is still updated or not – I have a notice on older content so that people are aware. Modern Soapmaking is fully managed by myself, and if I responded to comments on ALL posts every day, I would never have time to write new content!

      I actually hosted a soapmaker’s get-together in downtown Phoenix two weeks ago. A soapmaker from that meetup started a Facebook group for AZ-based soapmakers called Arizona Entrepreneurs. If you are on Facebook, there are a couple groups and it’ll be a good start. 😉

      Best of luck!

  3. I haven’t participated in a challenge of this sort before. Is it customary to let your readership in on the fact that you’re doing a challenge, or should you keep that info to yourself?

    1. Yes and no, Janie! 🙂 I did because I think it is beneficial to my readers. If you don’t think your audience cares about your participation in a blog challenge, then don’t blog about it. 😉

  4. This is going to be SO much fun! There is nothing at all in the world like building your business in community with people who are serious, but also fun loving and unique in their own way. I am very excited to see more blog posts from you and I do hope some of them share a little about your new and exciting lifestyle. I find it so fascinating and cannot wait to learn more about what you are doing and how I can apply bits and pieces (minus the bus) to my own life! Let’s DO THIS! (And thank you for sharing your love of IBN. It is my supreme pleasure to serve you!)

    1. Thank you so much for the encouragement and inspiration, dM! I realized today that I won’t be able to officially participate in the challenge – there will be a couple days I’ll have no internet access due to travel so I can’t physically post a link on a post in the group, and my FB page’s editorial calendar doesn’t shore up with the challenge needs. I’ll still be giving myself this blog challenge and see what happens while I cheer everyone on. 🙂

  5. I love all of your work! I would really like to see more posts that highlight you working with REDS in soap, of all kinds. I’m sorta a red fanatic and would love to get a bit of a heads up on the ever elusive Really Red! Thanks for all that you do for our community!


  6. I love the Beyonce has Minoins comment. It just changed my thought process. Anyway, is it possible for you to do a segment on using seasonings as colorants?

    Thanx & Goodluck


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