Why I’m Closing My Free Facebook Group (Sorry to the 14k Members)

Shortly after I started Modern Soapmaking, I flung open the doors to my free Facebook group, the Business of Soapmaking with Modern Soapmaking. (We call it BoS for short!) In fact, according to Facebook, that fateful day was June 28, 2014. Yeah, let’s revisit that: Six. 👏 Years. 👏 When I opened the doors to […]

Find Out How Sweat (and Sex) Inspired a Successful Soap Biz

What happens when your sweaty ass boyfriend comes home from jiu-jitsu and wants to get it on? If you’re like most women, you make that stinky man hop in the shower before laying a finger on you. But you’re not. You’re a soapmaker. And so is Carina, the badass brains behind today’s Soapmaker to Moneymaker […]

How to Choose a Target Market that Will Make You Profitable

Customer holding lip balm pots over her eyes

Do you struggle to connect with your customers? When potential buyers see your Instagram posts, land on your website, and chat you up at your markets, do they feel right at home? They should. To make that happen, you need to know your target market like you know your best friend. One of the first […]

My Best Advice for Successful Holiday Craft Shows

Every fall, a ton of questions from first-time holiday craft show vendors start streaming in. How much product do I take? What do I need? Any advice? If this sounds like burning hot questions, you need the answers to, we’ve got you. This year, we decided to put all our favorite advice together in one […]

How to Light Your Product Photos Like a Pro

How to light your product photos

Light is the most important part of photography! It doesn’t matter how spectacular your products look or how state-of-the-art your camera is; if your photography lighting is bad, your pictures are going to suck. Period. Keep in mind that your camera sees things differently than your eyes. Your camera is sensing how much light it […]

How to Make Your Camera Settings Work for You

Camera Settings How to Hands Holding Camera DSLR

Fiending for that fancy camera? Or have one in the closet that you never quite got the hang of? From ISO to f-stop, we are here to help you! Let’s get up close and personal with your camera settings. (Most of this info is going be focused on DSLR cameras, but a general understanding of […]

What is the Best Camera for Product Photos?

What's the best camera for product photos

In today’s world, owning a business that sells products usually means selling products online. But your customers can’t snag your goodies from their screen to touch, smell, or try.  Give them the next best thing – clear, mouth-watering product photos. To get great product shots, you need the right camera for the job. Or you […]

58 Photography Terms You Need to Know

Photography definitions woman holding camera

Are you ready to get in the know when it comes to photography terms? There’s a lot of jargon that pops up when you are talking photography (kind of like soapmaking).  If you hire a pro photographer, it’s easier to get what you want if you ask for it in their language. And, even if […]

How to Understand & Get the Soap Business Insurance You Need

Business owner considers insurance options

There are a ton of different kinds of insurance on the market, both for you and your family as well as your business. In general, insurance is there to protect you, your assets, or your business. But how do you make sure you get what you need and understand your coverage? For your biz, you […]

What Are the Best Soap Molds for Every Level?

When you get bitten by the soapmaking bug, just about *everything* starts to look like a potential mold. However, with experience, you narrow down what kind of soap mold works best for you. Whether you are a hobbyist, a teacher, or a soap business owner looking to scale up, this list of pros and cons […]