Soap Visor Review: A New Kind of Safety Gear

Wearing Op-d-Op visor for soap making

Safety gear in soapmaking is an absolute necessity, but goggles can be a huge pain. Especially for those of us who sport glasses. Is there another option? There is now with the Soap Visor! When Alegna Soap approached Modern Soapmaking to review this new product, I wasnā€™t sure what to expect. 100% of the time […]

Tutorial: Modern Sandalwood OmbrƩ Soap Recipe

Finished Modern Sandalwood Ombre Soap!

The ombrĆ© trend is popular for good reason. It’s timeless, a show stopper and looks so effortless, especially as a soap design. It is also a good way to see your colorant in action. I know I am not the only one that wonders how my new mica will look in cold process soap. Sometimes […]

Tutorial: Activated Charcoal and Tea Tree Soap Recipe

You canā€™t reinvent the wheel but you can definitely take a new spin on it. I love a classic activated charcoal and tea tree soap recipe myself! Instead of doing an all black bar or monotone bar of soap, I wanted to design a soap that paid homage to the tea tree plant with itā€™s […]

Tutorial: Espresso Almond Milk Soap Recipe

Espresso Almond Milk Soap Recipe

Recently I jumped on the almond milk soap bandwagon and I must say that I amĀ a fan! Itā€™s rich and luxurious, so of course, I had to soap with it! Milk soaps have been popular for quite some time, they are moisturizing, creamy, and they lather beautifully. Almond milk soaps have the added benefit of […]

Review: Soap Bar Lounge Soap Dish (Made in the USA Soap Dish to Sell with Your Soaps!)

Soap dishes may seem like a small detail, but when you are soap maker who has artfully designed your recipe, you wouldn’tĀ want your soap wastingĀ away in a soggy dish.Ā You certainly don’t want those skin loving properties to melt away before your customer gets to reap its benefits! If your customers are new to handmade soap, […]

Tutorial: Triple ITPS Lavender Soap Recipe

When it comes to cold process soap making, I have a deep passion for all things swirl and I just canā€™t resist the ā€œin the pot swirlā€ (ITPS) technique. I know that this technique can seem a bit intimidating, especially when dealing with lye, a slurry of colors, containers, and oils. But I assure you, […]