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Announcing the 2nd Annual Secret Soaper Book Exchange! (2016)

It’s that time of year again! Last year, we held the first Secret Soaper Exchange, where over 100 soapmakers from around the world shared their favorite biz books in a gift exchange.

This year, we’re opening it up to all soapmakers, regardless of whether they own a biz and using a third party service to help smooth the rough patches from last year. Plus, we’ve extended the deadline out so you can wait to shop for your Secret Soaper until *after* the holidays! Yasss!

Secret Soaper Book Exchange 2016!
Secret Soaper Book Exchange 2016!

What is the Secret Soaper Biz Book Exchange?

The Secret Soaper Exchange is to help spread a little knowledge around the handmade soap community of small business owners and soapmakers, to help facilitate a stellar new year of business & industry growth and success!

Soapers can sign up to send and receive a book via the Secret Soaper Exchange. Each participant will be responsible for delivering a book they hand-pick for their Secret Soaper partner, and will receive one in return from another participant! Yum, sudsworthy knowledge for the new year!



How much should I spend on my Secret Soaper partner?

The beauty of books is that the price tag may vary slightly, but most books fall in the $10 to $25 range. And a book for a book is a great exchange!

Each Secret Soaper participant will be able to indicate what books are on their wishlist, so please do your best to choose an appropriate book title for your Secret Soaper partner. You could also list topics you are interested in on your wishlist, including but not limited to: branding, marketing, pricing, selling, regulations compliance, finances, productivity, business management, entrepreneurship, social media, website building, content marketing (blogging, email newsletters), planning, strategy, etc.

When do I need to sign up by?

Secret Soaper sign-ups close on December 9th. This allows me a little time to pair Secret Soapers up and email each participant individually about their partner.

When do I find out who my Secret Soaper partner is?

You will be emailed by Elfster (the third party service we are using this year) on December 10th with your Secret Soaper partner’s information. This will give you about three weeks to make your book selection and get it on its merry way! (And yes, that means you can shop after all the holiday hullabaloo!)

Can I opt to receive a Kindle book instead of a physical book?

Secret Soaper Exchange participants may choose to indicate their preference for a physical or digital copy of a book when adding to their wishlist. You may also want to indicate a preference by entering a single text wishlist item as “Please send Kindle version.”

If you indicate a digital preference, your Secret Soaper partner may not know how to purchase a Kindle book as a gift, and you may receive a physical copy instead. Please do not purchase a Kindle version of a book unless your Secret Soaper specifies to do so – we don’t want anyone receiving a book they cannot read!

Can I participate if I live in another country?

Yes, you can! Each Secret Soaper participant may choose to sign up for the USA Secret Soaper Exchange or the International Secret Soaper Exchange.

If you live in the USA, and do NOT want to ship outside of the USA, please sign up for the USA exchange.

If you live in the USA, and don’t mind shipping internationally, you may sign up for the International exchange.

If you live outside of the USA, please sign up for the International exchange.

Each participant will be responsible for delivering their Secret Soaper partner’s new book, so please only sign up if you are able to physically ship a business book to the location you indicate (USA or International) – not everyone is tech-savvy or has a Kindle to read digital books on.

When do I need to send my Secret Soaper their sparkly new book by?

Secret Soaper participants should ship or send their Secret Soaper gift by December 31st. To ensure that this is a non-religious gift exchange where all feel included, we’re focusing on kicking off 2017 with a bang of knowledge!



Other tidbits and notes:

Please do NOT send your Secret Soaper partner a scented product alongside their book. You may choose to include a small gift with your book, if you wish (not required), but some folks have fragrance sensitivities and we don’t want to ruin their brand spankin’ new book for them!

Please do NOT sign up if you are not fully committed to delivering your book selection to your Secret Soaper partner. There is nothing more disappointing than signing up for a gift exchange, sending a handpicked gift, and not receiving anything in return. Sadpanda!

Pretty please do SHARE this post with other soapmakers! The more participants that sign up, the better I can match folks up!

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2 Responses

  1. I signed up for the exchange but didn’t see where to put book style preference. I can only use real books and is there a way to add to our wish list besides amazon( not much of a selection)?

    1. On your wishlist, you can add links to specific items or just type in text items. In one of those text items, please feel free to put “Print books only, please!” or similar. 🙂 You can write anything into your wishlist using the text item addition.

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