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4 Rules to Better Blogging for Beauty Businesses

Central Soapers WorkshopI’m hanging out at Central Soapers Workshop this weekend, talking shop and networking with 50+ other soapmaking superstars. Central Soapers Workshop is an annual gathering for soapmakers in the central U.S. region, and is hosted by myself and a team of fabulous volunteers.

Central Soapers Workshop is what lead to Modern Soapmaking’s creation. It was the turning point in my career and path that showed me that this is where I belong: helping indie formulators turn their passions into success stories.

This year, I’m on the schedule to talk about blogging for beauty businesses, specifically for businesses that formulate or sell skincare, cosmetics, and soap. So I wanted to share a tiny taste of my presentation with my soapy friends that won’t be there this year.

4 Rules to Better Blogging for Beauty Businesses

Rule 1 for Better Blogging for Beauty Businesses
Spill first, edit later.

Blogs provide fresh content for search engines and a way for potential customers to become die-hard fans of your brand and business. It’s a no-brainer to jump on the blog train for your business.

Before you start spilling the beans, print these rules out and pin them above your writing station.

Rule #1: Spill first, edit later.

When you sit down to write content, just write. Don’t censor yourself and edit as you go, it’ll slow you down. When it’s all said and done, go back and edit your articles.

Give yourself twenty-four hours to sleep on it, then revisit the articles for Editing Round 2. This gives your brand spanking’ new content a review with fresh eyes, which means catching errors you probably missed the first go around.

Rule #2: Support your offerings, don’t sell them.

Rule 2 to Better Blogging for Beauty Businesses
Support your products, don’t sell them.

There are a ton of jokes about used car salesmen for a reason: they are all about sales. A blog full of sales promotions and offers isn’t going to net subscribers or returning readers.

Support your offerings by blogging about topics your perfect customer is likely interested in. Mention your product when it’s relevant and interesting. Hook, line, sinker.

Rule #3: Be personal, don’t get personal.

Too many indie entrepreneurs make the deathly mistake of getting personal on their blogs and social media. People want to connect with you on a personal level because of your passions, interests, hobbies, and opinions. They want to get to know the brains behind the brand. Notice how I didn’t say they wanted to connect with you because they were intrigued by that fight you had with your spouse.

If you wouldn’t want your mama or your next door neighbor to read it, don’t blog it.

Rule #4: Talk with your readers, not at them.

Even if you start with no audience at all, get in the habit of interacting with your (imaginary) readers. When you do have an audience, your readers will feel welcome to take part in discussion, share your content, and get involved with pushing your business to the next level. Word of mouth sells.

Your readers will do the talking for you, if you treat them like the real people they are!

I hope these easy rules help you break down the walls and bust out great content for your blog! Maybe next year I’ll see you at Central Soapers Workshop!!

Last year, I talked about masterbatching at CSW. And the Intro to Masterbatching eBook was born from that talk. You better believe this year’s talk is going to hit Modern Soapmaking! This post summarizes content from just 4 slides in the presentation of over 100 slides. Plus, I’m working on a dozen different checklists, worksheets, and planners. Want to know when it comes out? Make sure you subscribe below!

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  1. Was forunate to attend the Central Soapers Workshop 2014. Kenna’s class on blogging was so informational. She covered the infornation above in depth, where and how to get your ideas for blogging content, how to make your content attractive, how to promote your content, and tips on how to easily keep up with your blog. I loved the class and can’t wait to put what I have learned to good use!

    1. I’m so glad you took a lot away from the talk, Tara! I felt so rushed trying to cram all that info in! The full workshop will be available via Modern Soapmaking soon! 🙂

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